Location, location, location

So I think our first trip away from the dorms was to buy groceries at Lulu, but the first real trip away was actually next door to Manah.  Its probably close enough to walk to, although any time during the day would probably be an unpleasant walk.  Its actually a really nice temperature here most of the time, presumably because the mountains all around us are shielding us from the humidity.  However, its still hotter than I’d like it to be if I have to be doing anything outside for any extended period of time.  Late in the day is actually really good weather for playing soccer.  To bring things back though, its fairly close by.

We took a brief trip to Manah to look around because the town is fairly old.  The first stop was the fort of Fiqain and Falaj beneath it.  We really only saw the outside of the fort, but it was a cool introduction to Oman.


From there we wandered around the old city of Manah.  There was a huge Tinoor close to the entrance that would be used to cook massive amounts of food at one time.  The rest of it was largely just exploring ancient buildings and alleyways, but it was interesting anyway.

ZOE_0013[1] ZOE_0014[1] ZOE_0015[1] ZOE_0016[1] ZOE_0017[1]

I wish I had taken more pictures, but this should give a pretty good idea of what Old Manah looks like.

Other than that, there’s a smattering of restaurants, coffeehouses, laundry places, and smaller cold foods stores in Manah.  Around the dorms, there’s very little.   There’s some farms scattered around and smaller residential areas and a pretty cool looking mosque.  I’ve taken a a run out to it, but I didn’t bring my cell phone, so maybe in the future, I’ll snap a quick picture of it.  Its close enough that we can hear the Muezzin from the dorms, which is nice because he’s got a pretty good voice.

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